Redhead, 3/4 Irish + 1/4 Norse, vegan, rootless in an apathetic + uncaring world. Mixed-media artist, designer, book artist, writer, photographer, animal lover, misanthrope, avid reader, nihilist, tortured artist, amateur competitive embalmer. Razor-sharp wit; blessed with a dark + perverse sense of humour.

Things I find aesthetically pleasing: Thanatology, good hair, redheads (men + women), punk/black metal/depressive black metal/old goth/rockabilly/more (ask)...corsets, art, Indian culture + food, vintage photography, antiques, architecture, anatomy, history, urban decay, catacombs, historical clothing, insanity, linguistics, archives, museums, pathology, + anything else that stimulates my mind one way or another.

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